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Brain networks

I wanted to draw the two types of thinking patterns as I see them. The majority of my life has been the style that uses the well worn paths of the Black and White brain, for example, "That train trip was awful, I am never using the train again." I now try to catch myself and say something like, "There were parts of that train ride that were difficult, what could I do to make the next train ride easier?"

From my understanding, brains will generally prefer to use the Black and White train tracks instead of the Rainbow Ramblings as the black and white brain uses less neural capacity, so this can be saved for other evolutionary survival brain activity. Then again, I am not a neurobiologist, so you may want to read works by Dr Dan Siegel or someone else who is.

Brain differences are a positive, and I am not saying one is superior to the other, but for me trying out the rainbow brain has removed (I just crossed out removed and will replace it with reduced) the limitations I had set on myself, without even realising. And the great thing? Brains can change even in adulthood (aka neuroplasticity), so it is never too late to grow your neural brain networks.

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